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Showrooms in Toronto

Are you looking for showroom spaces that you can easily book for a day or a few hours? Take a look at some of our most popular locations below:

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Industrial LOFT STUDIO 

A 700 sq ft space in the Studio District with custom wallpaper, a clothing rack, a steamer, and a hanging backdrop pulley system for photoshoots.

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TRENDY retail showroom w/ rooftop

An 800+ sq ft space near College and Bathurst. It's beautifully designed with classic chandeliers, a built-in bar and a bohemian rooftop patio.

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A furnished 600 sq ft Corktown loft with 14 ft ceilings, a full bathroom, and a kitchen. The space is decorated with antique Persian rugs, and lots of harmonious neutral tones.

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large open space

A 600 sq ft multi-use space in the Junction. It has moveable walls, a rolling rack, a projector, two desks with computers, and a small kitchen, among other things.

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Vintage barbershop

600 sq ft corner shop near Old Mill that has large windows, 1940s barber chairs, and plenty of other decor. The exterior is painted black with a bright red door.

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modern meeting room with foyer

A 400 sq ft space in one of Toronto's most historic buildings featuring mixed brick walls, floral wallpaper, velvet chairs, and dark wood floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

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A 1,000 sq ft ground-floor shop in Liberty Village with floor-to-ceiling windows at the store’s front, providing the perfect space to showcase your products.

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STYLISH plant & flower shop

A 350 sq ft shop in the Junction with an extra 500 sq ft in the back that includes a small kitchen, living space, a second bathroom and a bedroom with a loft bed.

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stylish loft & Photography studio

A 1,400 sq ft corner unit in Leslieville with hardwood floors, designer furniture and large windows. The space also has a fitting room, a makeup station and a photoshoot area.

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